OBL, The Most Powerful Man in the World

Posted: September 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Originally posted 5/30/11

My wife and some girl friends decided to have a girls day out at the coast today.  I was not invited, but instead of vegging out at home I asked them to drop me off at Starbucks in Newport.  They have free wifi and good coffee.  I can surf the web, drink coffee, people watch, and write, all in one place.  What more could a man ask for?  So here I sit trying to write a blog.  I fear the “people watching” may be too distracting to allow for erudite blogging, but I will make the attempt.
Much has occurred in our little world since my last blog.  We killed a pathetic old man living in a hovel watching videos of himself and of porn on a 13″ tv.  Apparently he could not afford a recliner.  Sitting on the floor wrapped in a blanket may not be the image he wanted to leave to the world, but there it is.  Is this really the guy we spent billions in resources to catch?  Is this the man for which the Taliban risked war with the USA to protect?  Is this the man for which some high officials in the Pakistani government risked the wrath of their wealthiest ally to protect?  If Pakistan losses the billions in aid from the US, where will they get the money to build more nuclear weapons.  How will they ever get enough bombs to blow India to one of the many Hindu hells.  Was it the fear of this man and his organization that caused us to allow our authoritarian leadership to further erode our diminishing freedoms by passing the “patriot act”?  Was he the reason we allowed our leaders to condone the torture of human beings?
Did we really allow this pathetic old man to cause us to sacrifice thousands of our young men and women?  It seems to me that we took a pathetic radical religious nut and his followers, and elevated them to the most powerful people in the world.  We gave them the power to force us into sacrificing a healthy economy to the god of fear.  For them we gave up many of our most precious resources, our young men and women.
And now for the religious portion of my blog.  “Goddamnit” when will we ever learn to do what Jesus would do?

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