Non-Traditional Christians

Posted: September 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Originally posted 11/4/10

From The Skeptical Seeker

The link above takes you to an excellent article about “Non-Traditional Christians”.  Below is my little comment on the article.

Well thought out and well written. I would say at the risk of causing you to chuckle at me, that I consider myself a non-traditional Christian. You are correct in saying that most of those who claim that title are simply non-modern Christians. They would mostly consider me a heretic if I told them my real beliefs. I believe that there is a God, who presents to people in many different way. Some people need an example to guide them in being moral. Jesus meets that need in my life. Like you, I was brought up in a Christian environment. I was allowed to question things, but if my questions could not be answered to my satisfaction, I was simply told that this was a mystery which I would understand when my faith was strong enough. I accepted that until early teens, at which point I decided that it was all hogwash. I didn’t have time for hogwash so I just laughed it off and ignored the whole subject. I still believe that it is mostly hogwash,(no offense to hogs, I love bacon) when presented in a “modern fundamentalist” mode.

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